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Best Online Guitar Courses Review

In this post I compare and review the best guitar courses available online. Depending on your level and which area you want to improve the choice will be different. There are more than 25 guitar learning courses available online offering different content, targeting different audiences and priced differently. I have selected the top 3 courses which are of very high quality. If any of these appeals to you, go ahead any try. I would really like to see that you move to the next level in your guitar playing skills.
Do I need a Guitar course
In this mobile world, many of us do not have always have access to guitar teacher due to various reasons: studies, work time, assignment in different cities, distance….and we are not able fit in the class with our changing schedules. Even if we find a teacher sometimes his style is quite different to what we would like to play. With the web platform however these days it is possible to learn guitar at your own pace, in your own home having access to lessons from some of the best guitar teachers around the world. The fact that you found my website to learn hindi songs on guitar is a proof.
Personal coaching and private lessons tend to be expensive since the teacher can only accommodate limited number of students. The web technology makes it easier for professional guitarists with a passion for teaching to reach out every guitar learner. And the advantage to you is that you have access to lessons from the best teachers at an affordable price.
Criterion for review of courses
  • Quality of Content (The quality of material)
  • Depth of Content (Theory)
  • Ease of Use (Layout, features)
  • Main focus (Who is the target audience)
Below are the review of the top online guitar courses.


It is a collection of downloadable ebooks, step by step video lessons and jam tracks. It includess detailed in-depth pictures and exercises. All ebooks, video, audio and software are clearly laid out and easy to use. In my view this course is more for beginner to intermediate level with fair amount of advanced exercises with video lessons.

Ben Edwards, the creator of Jamorama, is a professional musician and a trained teacher, he created Jamorama to put his experience teaching guitar, tricks and techniques into a package which could be easily used by guitar learners to quickly improve their skills. The package is well thought and structured so that you can easily navigate to the area which you want to improve. It covers all aspects of playing guitar from using a plectrum, finger-picking, bending, sliding, hammer-ons, pull-offs, scales, chords theory… with step by step video lessons. In this course you will not only learn most effective ways to practice, but also mistakes you should avoid.

In addition it includes bonus tools: GuitEarIt, Guitar Tuner Pro, Musical Pro game. It is backed by 60 day money back guarantee.

Learn and Master Guitar

Learn and Master Guitar by Steve Krenz is one of the most thorough package available. It consists of 20 DVDs, 5 Jam-Along CDs, a 100 page lesson book and free support forum. This course covers entire spectrum of guitar playing and in my view even advanced players will benefit by following this course.

Steve Krenz is not only an accomplished player but also talented teacher. His style of teaching is quite encouraging. The book and video lessons also go into building blocks of music theory while explaining practical techniques to use them effectively. This package is s physical product and is not available for instant download.

As with Jamoram, it comes with 60 day money back guarantee. In fact, I don´t even try online guitar courses which do not come with such a guarantee.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is more geared towards people who are looking to play songs on guitar. It is a great online course to learn from other guitarists (45 instructors), watch videos to help you learn songs and find all styles of guitar playing. They have a huge collections of video lessons for songs, and on top of that new lessons are added on a daily basis

Guitar Tricks has an active community forum that many of their members contributing. Most of the lessons are added by independent guitar teachers and each have their unique style.


If you are serious about learning guitar, it is important to be good on fundamentals and master techniques the right way. These days it is possible to learn it from the best teachers at your own pace, and at your home.

Jamorama Learn & Master Guitar Guitar Tricks
Target Audience Beginner-Advanced Intermediate-Advanced Different Styles, Songs
Rating (5)

(4.5, with price)


Current Price ($) 49.95 119 14.95 / per month
Details link(Instant download) link(Physical product, shipped) link(Online video, manuals)

If you are an intermediate player, first checkout Jamorama. They also have some lessons for advanced player.  If you find it does not help much, return it, and try Learn and Master Guitar. It is bit pricey but the course is the best available for advanced players.

If you are more interested in playing english songs and want to learn different styles – blues, country, jazz, metal, rock – go for GuitarTricks, they have a huge list. Try for a month and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

As I said before, these three are the best in class. If your guitar skills are not improving from any of these, they are more than happy to refund the full amount. But don’t try all of them at once. Select one based on your skills and preferences and stick to it for atleast a month, you will not be playing the way you play now!

Update: Jamorama has a currently limited time offer at the same price as last year with additional lessons. If you want to avail this price, you need to act fast.

Simple great sounding guitar progressions

This post is about simple but great sounding progression for beginners. There are times while learning guitar when one feels that the progress is quite slow and feels frustrated. Below I have two progressions which should help you jump those phases with great sounding but simple progressions.

1) This is for people who can play some tunes, but still learning chords. The progression is very simple to play and it sounds nice. All the notes are on single E string. Just watch the video below. The notes are F#, G, A, B & C. The strumming pattern is quite simple (up, down). You only need to strum last three strings while playing this tune. Once you feel comfortable, you can do some variations and increase speed.

2) This is for people who have learnt some basic chords. This progression uses Dm, C & F. The strumming is fairly simple (down), one stroke on the upper strings and one on the lower strings.

Let me also share my only original composition. I recorded this in 2001 with only guitar and adding some echo effects.

I hope you enjoy playing above two progression. Happy Guitaring..
I always look forward to your feedback and insights. So Talk back to me….

Why do people give up – two basic tools to help you

This are a result of the survey done by one of the leading guitar site. One of the key skills you need to learn is sense of timing which is evident in both “Rhythmic Strumming” and “Singing and Playing”. When people start to sing along while playing guitar, their strumming suffers. This is mostly because we loose track of timing while singing, even though strumming is correct. In this post, I will give you two tools to improve your sense of timing. When listening to songs pay careful attention to the beats, and duration of gaps between lyrics.


When practicing chords and chord sequence always keep the metronome running so that you strike the string at the right time. Once you feel comfortable with the sequence and you can accurately play the chords, slowly increase the tempo.

Beat Sequencer

With the beat sequencer you can readily combine to create the beats similar to the song. Now first only sing without playing guitar, so that your singing has correct timing. In the second step, only strum the guitar and humming the song in your mind. This will make it easier to play and sing with the correct timing.

I have an excellent tutorial on guitar tuning. If it would be helpful, let me know. I will do a post on guitar tuning.
I always look forward to your feedback and insights. So Talk back to me….

The best way to search for guitar chords and tabs of hindi songs

We all search for guitar chords and tabs for movie songs. How many times do we find what we are looking for in few seconds. Many times we go through the search page results without really finding the chords or tabs but just some questions, comments and requests from people looking for the same. It is really frustrating to spend time reading and looking at all the crap and not finding what we want. Sometimes we do find but then on search results on later pages.

searching for hindi guitar chords tabs

Having had that experience I created a custom search engine at google to find these results quickly. You will be amazed at the quality of the results from this custom search. It removes all the crap which appears when you search for bollywood movie guitar chords and tabs.

If you don’t believe me check it out yourself. When I am looking for chords, I only use this.

Try it out below. Let me know if it works for you!


No need to sift through search results page by page, you have all different variation on the first page. It only searches the best sites and gives preference to results with most accurate chords.

In most cases you should get what you are searching for on the first page. If you think you have an idea to make it better, contact me.

Preview – Bollywood Guitar Chord Book with Video

Here is short preview of the about to be released chord book. The videos are embedded in the pdf, so once you receive it, you do not need internet connection to play the learn the chords and see the video simultaneously !

Please note that this will only work with the latest version of adobe acrobat reader, so please update it if you have not done so. You can download latest acrobat reader from here (click)

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If you have any questions, comments please leave it below.

To see the above video at higher resolution click here.

Song Chordbook – How to use it

I hope you were able to download the chordbook from the confirmation link in the previous email. Due to the fact the videos are embedded within the filesize is big. You need the latest version of adobe acrobat reader to use the full functionality of the ebook. You can download the acrobat reader here.

I am interested in knowing if you like it. Please let me know by leaving comments (good or bad) at the link below.
Bollywood Songs ChordBook Feedback

How to use the Song ChordBook
This chordbook is helpful for learning to play 15 classic songs on your guitar. It not only has the chords and lyrics of the song but also a short video to give a sense of timing and strumming. You can click on the video to play and it will remain in your view even if you scroll down to view the full chords of the song. You can take this chordbook offline to practice even without internet connection. The songs selected require varying level of skill, and depending on your level you can decide which skill needs more practice (melody, harmony, rhythm, speed). The videos embedded in this book are simply the best available on the internet.

By reading this book and watching the embedded video you can easily gauge your level and also set a goal you want to reach in 2-3 months.

Once you become comfortable playing the song, adapt it to suit your style. I can give you many examples where people play the same song in completely different strumming style but all are unique and awesome in their own way. Some of the videos are on different scale compared to written chords, so you should transpose them if you want to play exactly the same way as the video.